Monthly Archives: July 2012

Amazing pre-op meeting with Dr Park

So today we finally met with the surgeon who will operate on Esme, Dr TS Park, Neurosurgeon in Chief! It was great to meet him and hear what he said – having only sent him Esme’s medical records and a video, now we would hear what he thought the benefits for Esme, of the surgery, […]

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We’ve arrived!

After a long journey, we’ve arrived in St Louis.  Esme was amazing on the flight, but we were all exhausted when we got here.  The apartment is great.  It has everything we need.  A massive pizza and a few beers were all we could manage before collapsing into bed last night.  A pre-dawn wakeup – […]

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We’re on our way to the USA!

The time has now come as we embark on our journey with Esme. We leave home on Friday afternoon with very mixed emotions, but confident we are giving Esme the best chance for the future. We have yet again had the front page of the local paper – The Wilts & Glos Standard today – […]

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Local paper announce target reached!

The Wilts & Glos Standard have been supporting us all the way and keeping up to date with progress on our fundraising. They were as surprised as we were that we have achieved our target in such a short space of time but delighted that we have. Read the full story here:

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We’ve done it – thank-you

We have now reached our target of £50,000 in a very short time so thank-you again to everyone who has helped me by donating . Thanks go to all of our friends and family, Mum & Dad’s colleagues and all those kind people who I don’t know but were touched by my story. I never […]

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Cakes for Esme

Pupils from Fairford Primary School have been busy making and selling cakes to help raise money for Esme. The Standard keep helping and supporting us, this article features on the front page again – thanks Laura. Esme is now getting recognised around town and lots of people are offering their support, which is just what […]

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We have a date for the Operation

We have received some unexpected news that Esme’s operation will take place on 2nd August due to a last minute cancellation being offered to us. As you can imagine it has put us into overdrive with less than 4 weeks to get ready and nothing organised as it was supposed to be happening in September […]

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