28th September 2012

First month at home

Wow, what a month we have had since we got back. I guess it’s fair to say everything has turned on it’s head and we have had to change everything we used to do day to day to help Esme develop and progress the way she needs to. The challenge is fitting it all in between School, Work and having a bit of fun time left for us all. But we are settling into a routine of sorts now.

The main thing is Esme continues to work her socks off at Physio on a daily basis – these photos were taken in one session a couple of days ago – she seems more determined than ever which is fantastic for us and now she seems very aware of herself, her ability and what she wants to achieve. Today she told me she can nearly stand up on her own and indeed she can and she has even taken to hopping off her school chair to stand up holding on to the table. It all means we have to watch out for her like any parent does, it’s just we are doing some of this for the first time.

Esme’s development has been nothing short of rapid and we are still surprised by the changes we see in her from day to day and week to week. Our new Physio program plots her achievements and a new movement she could do one repetition of last week she can do 30 or more of this week. Esme’s whole body is changing and her muscles seem to grow everyday. Each day Esme has some time in her walker and each day it becomes a little easier for her and she talks of taking Welly for a walk, which will be a great day when it comes.

We wanted to share this video of Esme, taken in the pool at our friends house in Kentucky ¬†just before we came home. It not only shows how normal and flexible Esme’s legs now are but also how her confidence has improved so much that she wanted to drift and float without support. It is truly great as a parent to see her cast off the things that held her back. We can see happy times ahead for Esme!

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