5th November 2012

Esme’s progress, marches on

Esme continues to work hard and she is making amazing progress. As each week goes by we look back at what she has achieved. Last week we removed Esme’s seat from the bath as she is now able to sit confidently on her own, which may not seem much to most parents, to us it is HUGE and feels like a very positive step forward. She enjoys bath time more now, which is even better to see her move freely and play with all her toys. 

Esme doesn’t always put in 100% at Physio but we can’t blame her for that, but she is learning many individual tasks and suddenly it clicks as she puts them together. She will now stand confidently whilst holding onto something and turn around too, which is fantastic to see and to see her own confidence and sometimes suprise that she can do it.

Our living room has now become a Physio gym for Esme, the final part being removing the rug and replacing it with gym mats – they clash with everything but importantly they give Esme the confidence to roll around and crawl without doing any damage when she tires and flops to the floor.

This week we are also trialling a ‘Whizzy Bug’ it’s a special electric car to help Esme build her spacial awareness and also give her some independence in the playground at school, so she can play with her friends minus the teacher who is always with her. She soon had the hang of it and is mainly focussed on banging into the furniture and chasing Welly around the kitchen! We are going on a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us this weekend to check out the electric cars there too – which should be fun.

2 Comments on “Esme’s progress, marches on

Annabel Andrews
6th November 2012 at 12:20 pm

It is lovely to find out how Esme is progressing. It has been such a success story. I am delighted for all of

6th November 2012 at 12:34 pm

wow loving the wizzy buggy! reminds me of my old streetka lol x


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