21st January 2013

Snow time!

Well the UK has been well and truly hit with our first proper snowfall for a while and this time we were able to get out and enjoy it, because Esme is the right age now but also she can sit on a sledge unaided.

To see her sitting there, strong and independent bought a lump to both of our throats.  Without saying it out loud, we both knew that she wouldn’t have been anywhere near being able to do it before we went to St Louis.  She balanced, and wobbled but corrected herself, and giggled the whole time.  She’s a Daddy’s girl and wanted to make sure Daddy was behind her the whole time.

(Un)fortunately, we live in a very flat part of the country so we didn’t get straight into a mountain descent it was more

a tame tow along the path with Wellington running alongside. At first Esme didn’t know whether to laugh and enjoy the ‘exhilaration’ or cry with fear – we think it was a bit of both…..but we’re going to the Snow Dome on Saturday so we’ll see how she copes on a slope!!


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