9th April 2013

The work continues…as Scotland approaches

Every day Esme continues to work hard and every day Esme becomes a little bit stronger, more confident and able to achieve more movement.

You can see her sat here on ‘Orange Ears’ – she sits on him to watch TV and to practise standing up – everyday. Everything we do with Esme is built around developing her core strength, balance and co-ordination.

To help Esme focus on her strength and to accelerate her development we have signed up to go on a two week Physio bootcamp in Perth which starts on 15 April. The Physio is run by Mike Poole and he is the UK’s only physio to be approved by the St Louis Childrens Hospital where Esme had her operation. Some friends we made in St Louis have been already and whilst very hard for parents and child alike, the results have been worth it. We are looking forward to it – but with a little trepidation!

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