19th April 2013

Standing on the edge of great things to come

Esme standing with MikeDay 5 with Mike and Esme stood unaided for 10 seconds – to see it was a true vision for things to come for Esme. This week she has worked very hard, yes we’ve had tears and tantrums but so would anyone else doing daily 2 hour sessions with a personal trainer!

Esme has not only physically developed this week but she has found confidence and belief in her own ability to achieve what she wants – balance and standing unaided being just the first we’re sure. We have noticed already ‘carry me’ has changed to ‘i want to stand up, i’ll walk’ which is fantastic to hear.

We are taking it easy this weekend as we look forward to another 5 days and beyond that, a different future with Esme. This week has really focussed on addressing Esme’s weaknesses and it’s certainly achieved that.

This video shows Mike working with Esme to help her learn and understand what she needs to do to balance, whilst she talks constantly… usual.


3 Comments on “Standing on the edge of great things to come

19th April 2013 at 7:05 pm

Oh I wonder who she got the gift of gabbing from???? Not her Auntie Liz!!! So happy to see this great progress. It is amazing. She is amazing!!

19th April 2013 at 7:44 pm

Another big step for Team Esme. Proud of all of you ,



Rachel Roode and family
21st April 2013 at 3:32 pm

Truely awesome little lady. Keep up the good work………and that goes for you too Esme :-). Looking forward to seeing you all on return. Hugs xxxxx


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