30th April 2013

Happy to be home again

We are now back from Scotland after Esme’s 10 days of hard work and she has worked so very hard. The result is she is much stronger and much more physically able than ever before. It really is a special time for Esme and for us as a family.

Probably the best bit of all is to see Esme have the confidence to try and stand on her own – we are not there but it’s coming – at Pre-School today she tried to get up from where she sat and walk herself……we have come a long, long way for that to happen. Through strength and muscle development Esme is starting to walk more strongly and better than ever before – best of all Esme wants to walk everywhere.

So we now have a daily exercise programme to follow for Esme and we are booked to return to Scotland at the end of July.

The last two weeks feel like the start of another phase for Esme and another step closer to Esme achieving independent mobility. Thanks Mike Poole for your hard work with Esme!

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