The Operation

The Operation is called Selective Dorsal Rizotomy (SDR) and has been carried out at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital for a number of years now. They are the world leading centre for this pioneering surgery having carried out thousands of operations. The Surgeon who will did Esme’s operation is called Dr Park, who also trains surgeons from around the world to carry out this operation.

SDR is an invasive operation and involves the identification and severing of the nerves in the spinal column that cause spasticity. The affect post the operation is like taking a step backwards in terms of the childs development because they are left with a lack of muscle control and tone that was so prevalent before.

Following the operation Esme had an intensive 4 week period of Physiotherapy to get her to a stage where she is comfortable and agile enough for the trip back home. And the hard work for Esme hasn’t stopped there, she continues to do some therapy everyday whether that is at home or at school from her physio therapist or personal trainer, riding a horse or swimming. Esme really works hard at whatever she does which is so good to see.

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