Esmes Dad

Home at last! Thanks everyone for your help.

After a short break in Kentucky before returning, we arrived home yesterday, tired out but glad to be back and to be reunited with Wellington! We were greeted home with a fine display of pink balloons forming an arch over the gate and clusters of balloons by the door – thanks Granny it made us […]

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Until next year St. Louis…

Today was our last physio session at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  We have been discharged and are heading home in a few days time. It’s been a long and emotional journey here but it has a very happy ending (beginning) for us! As well as being our last physio session, it was also our […]

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Esme’s progress: Dr Park’s report

We started today bright and early to see Dr Park, it was a big day for the three of us and something we have been talking about for the past few days. We could already see the great things that had become possible for Esme and for us as a family, but there is always […]

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Fun Friday

We had a fun afternoon with Michael today and worked quite hard, but with lots of persuasion and lots of participation from Mum & Dad. One of the highlights was to see Esme hold herself and stand unsupported in her walker, each day she gains more confidence and more strength to do this which is […]

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Our little superstar!

I know we are biased, but hey who cares?! Esme absolutely worked her socks off today both at the hospital in Physio and at home this morning, doing a treasure hunt around the apartment in her walker. Today she gave everything 200%, not to say she didn’t complain at times but she showed us today […]

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Working out & working hard

We had a bit of a mixed session today with Esme, some highs and some lows. The lows were caused by Esme messing about and not concentrating on what she was being told by Michael, Alison or I. Even bribery with chocolates and biscuits failed today, however in amongst the frustration Esme showed us again […]

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Small steps, Giant leap!

Esme had a great day at physio today.  She showed us just how far she has come on in the past few days alone by taking a few tentative steps across the physio room in her walker with notably less assistance than we had to give yesterday! From being nervous and unsure about her walker, […]

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What a difference a day makes

Esme continues to surprise Mum & Dad, her rate of development is rapid and it is still only 2 weeks today that Esme had surgery. Yesterday Esme rode this bike around the physio gym and with quite a bit of assistance she made one circuit, which is about 100 metres. Today she rode two laps […]

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Walker, splints & brace

Today was half play and half sheer hard work with Esme. Because she has been working so hard we decided to go to the zoo as a treat and she had her face painted, as you can see. She has been talking about getting her face painted ever since the plane touched down! Once back […]

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